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Carman Trails Elementary School
555 S Weidman Rd, Ballwin, MO 63021
Carman Trails Elementary School is a K-5 school that also offers art, music, PE, reading and gifted education classes.More According to school staff, Carman Trails Elementary School is a happy, caring and friendly place where students and teachers work together to bring out the best in everyone. Visit the website for more information.
Barretts Elementary School
1780 Carman Rd, Ballwin, MO 63021
The historic Barretts Elementary School is the oldest of the 28 schools in the Parkway School District.  OriginallyMore a one-room schoolhouse, the updated Barretts displays historic photos of the original building,which was erected in 1895.  After a devastating fire, the old school was rebuilt and is now used as a preschool.  
Pierremont Elementary School
1215 Dauphine Ln, Manchester, MO 63011
Pierremont Elementary houses the Parkway School District's exceptionally gifted program,"Mosaics Academy." It is alsoMore the site for the district's language impaired program and houses an amazing sensory education room. Eighty-three percent of the school staff holds a masters degree or higher, and there is a co-teaching classroom at each grade level.
Wren Hollow Elementary School
655 Wren Ave, Manchester, MO 63021
This school is located right in the middle of a neighborhood which Principal Mary Johnston says makes it easy for kidsMore to walk, bike and skateboard to school. It is also the only campus in the Parkway School District that has kindergarten through the twelfth grade on the same campus. The staff is exceptionally friendly when they greet you and understand the flexibility that it takes to run an elementary school. They say every day brings a new surprise and that's what makes their job so fun and interesting.
Hanna Woods Elementary School
720 Hanna Rd, Ballwin, MO 63021

This elementary school sits right off Hanna Rd. Principal Patrick Shelton says one unique quality of the school isMore its high ESOL population: Twenty-five percent of the student population comes from 22 different countries. While many of the parents are Parkway graduates, other families have come to the district from all over the world.

Faculty and staff work on student achievement, and with the help of parents, the school now ranks 5th out of 18 among Parkway elementary schools in student achievement. Along with academic achievement, the faculty also focuses on teaching students to be respectful and responsible.

Parkway South High School
801 Hanna Rd, Manchester, MO 63021
This large high school campus is located just down the road from Hanna Wood Elementary.
Henry Elementary School
700 Henry Ave, Ballwin, MO 63011
This school is located near Manchester's Historic District. The staff is very friendly. The school mascot is a bull dog.More The school motto is, "The ABC's of Henry -- Achievement, Belonging and Community." Dr. Lynn Pott is the school principal.
Parkway Southwest Middle School
701 Wren Ave, Manchester, MO 63021

This school is located on the same campus as Wren Hollow Elementary School and right in the middle of a neighborhood.More  Its location makes it easy for students to walk or bike to school.

 The school was built in 1995, and educates children in grades 6-8. Principal Dr. Chelsea Watson has been with the school for 14 years and been the head principal for eight years.

Moog Center for Deaf Education
12300 S 40 Dr, Saint Louis, MO 63141

The Moog Center for Deaf Education is a not-for-profit school that provides services to children with hearing loss,More and their families, from birth through early elementary years.

Families come to the school from the St. Louis area, but also many surrounding counties. Many families move to St. Louis so they can live closer to the school and its services.

School staff includes seven full-time teachers, plus two speech-language pathologists.

Tuition for the pre-school and early elementary programs is around $26,000 a year, which staff says is about 75% of the actual education cost. Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

The school is licensed in both Missouri and Illinois.


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