NLCS: What Time Is Monday's St. Louis Cardinals-San Francisco Giants Game 7?

A guide to watching Game 7, Oct. 22, 2012, of the National League Championship Series.

St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Kyle Lohse and San Francisco Giant Matt Cain meet again for a pitching duel for the final game of the National League Championship Series Monday night at 7 p.m. Central Time.

With the series tied at 3 apiece, the Giants are seeking a happy finale at home and the Cards would gladly take a happy flight. The team moving forward scores home field advantage in the World Series pitted against the Detroit Tigers.

Lohse and Cain already matched up during the NLCS last Wednesday for Game 3, leading to a Cardinals win at Busch. The weather dealt a nearly 3 1/2-hour rain delay before picking the game back up in the 7th.

The broadcast airs on FOX2, featuring play-by-play with Joe Buck, analysis from Tim McCarver, along with field reporters Erin Andrews and Ken Rosenthal.

Temperatures should be in the lower 60s to upper 50s around game time, and mostly cloudy.

You can also watch the action at a Wehrenberg Theatre at the St. Charles Cine 18 or Ronnies 20 on Lindbergh, where the games will be broadcast free on the big screen.

Here's the full schedule for the NLCS:

Game 1 St. Louis @ San Francisco Sunday 7 p.m. FOX Cards, 6-4     Game 2 St. Louis @ San Francisco Monday 7 p.m. FOX Giants, 7-1 Game 3 San Francisco @ St. Louis Wednesday 3 p.m. FOX Cards, 3-1 Game 4 San Francisco @ St. Louis Thursday 7 p.m. FOX Cards, 8-3 Game 5 San Francisco @ St. Louis Friday 7 p.m. FOX Giants, 5-0 Game 6 St. Louis @ San Francisco Oct. 21 6:30 p.m. FOX Giants, 6-1 Game 7 St. Louis @ San Francisco Oct. 22 7 p.m. FOX TBD

What do you think? Will the Cardinals take the series and fight for "12 in 12"? Do you think the Giants have it made at home in AT&T Park? Tell us in the Comments.


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