Special School District Uses Countries To Teach Students So Much More

Neuwoehner School students participated in Country Days Friday. It's an annual event at the school in which 16 different classrooms give presentations to other students about countries around the world.

Students at Town and Country's , in the , took part in the fifth annual Country Days program at their school Friday.

Sixteen classes researched and created presentations on different countries. Then, other classes rotated throughout the school visiting each of the countries.

“The presentations include as much student participation as possible,” said Jennifer Stanfield, who organized the event.

In their presentations, students taught other Neuwoehner students about a country's food, artifacts and other pieces of informative on their respective countries. Although informative, school officials said this event is designed for students to learn more than just information on the countries.

“Having the students go from room to room is also good for their social skills,” said Stanfield. “It gets many students out of their comfort zone. They interact with teachers and students that they normally might not work with very often. And they learn to welcome new people into their classroom.”


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