Pillar of Parkway Nominees Announced

Take a look at Parkway's "Pillar of Parkway" nominees. The list includes teachers, administrators, school staff and residents from around the district, including Manchester and Town and Country schools.

In a news release, The Parkway School District announced the nominees for the "2011 Pillar of Parkway" award.

District officials said the "prestigious Pillar award is presented to individuals who have provided extraordinary service to the Parkway community, demonstrated consistent leadership, inspired others and go beyond what is expected."

The following list of 37 nominees includes teachers, staff, residents and volunteers:

Chris Becker, South High, band director

Jan Becker, Claymont, school nurse

Melissa Biehl, Bellerive, librarian

Darryl Bolden, Bellerive, head custodian

Renee Boyd, North High, social studies teacher

Mark Brimer, West High, parent/volunteer, racquetball coach

Chris Chisholm, Henry, second grade teacher

Sandy Clayton, Oak Brook, custodian

Cindy Colombo, North High, principal’s secretary

Linda d’Avignon, Central High, librarian

Vic Fulgham, South High, special education teacher aide, basketball coach

Brian Gaffney, Central High, volunteer

Gina Gavagan, Henry, lead dietary aide

Linda Goldman, Sorrento Springs, substitute teacher/volunteer

Sharon Gray, Carman Trails, parent/volunteer

Grant Kniffen, North High, art teacher

Carol Kohnen, Library Services, library services director

Donald Larsen, Mason Ridge, OASIS volunteer

Sharon Marcellino, Oak Brook, parent/volunteer

Kristin Mayo, Carman Trails, kindergarten teacher

Bob McKitrick North High, social studies teacher

Barbara Moore, South High, assistant principal

Larry Opinsky, Central Area, parent/volunteer

Beverly Palmer, Central High, computer resource specialist

Michael Pietraschke, North High, head custodian

Peggy Plesia, Henry, music teacher

Mike Prange, Fern Ridge, counselor

Helen Rager, West Middle, social studies teacher

Dale Rapp, Administration, technology application/ technical support specialist

Joe Regenbogen, North High, history teacher

Jane Ries, Barretts, parent/volunteer

Cynthia Rudman, Carman, Trails, second grade teacher

Glenn Smith, South Area, parent/volunteer

Tom Swoboda, ISC, coordinator of instructional technology

John Theobald, Central High, math teacher

Stephanie Villigram, South High, softball coach, biology teacher

Steve Warren, Central High, art teacher, boys track & cross country coach

According to the district, a Pillar Selection Committee will determine the winners the week of March 7.


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