Not Too Late to Plan a Special Home Graduation Party

Chef Ziegenfuss has all kinds of ideas for the home planner.

Town and Country and Manchester high school graduations are underway. graduation was Thursday, is Friday night at  and is Monday.

In fact, graduations are happening all over the area. Ceremonies are being staged to honor everybody from Kindergartners to college grads. A family can celebrate this special occasion  by dining out, or host a special at-home gala. Chef Greg Ziegenfuss of the Butler's Pantry dishes out advise on how to make your event complete and a success for everyone.

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Chef Greg Ziegenfuss: Executive Chef Butler’s Pantry on how to plan the perfect graduation party 

Patch: How do you start preparing for a high school graduation party?

Ziegenfuss: You need to take into account how many people will be at the party, and what the graduate’s preferences are. Everyone will be mingling, so we’re always mindful of preparing things that can be eaten in one hand. Dishes such as chili, pasta salad, bourbon barbeque chicken fingers and kabobs are always popular.

Patch: How many days in advance do you start preparing for a graduation party?

Ziegenfuss: It’s like any catering affair. We start planning the menu a few weeks ahead of time and we’ll generally do some of the prep work a day or two in advance.

Patch: What type of budget do you recommend for a graduation party?

Ziegenfuss: Generally, you can plan a nice graduation buffet for $25 per person. That will give you a good selection of hot appetizers, cold cuts, a selection of sides, and an array of desserts. We’ll customize a dessert tray to the graduate’s liking. And, for the graduate, you can’t forget about the congratulatory cake!

Patch: Do you have a signature graduation buffet selection?

Ziegenfuss: I love setting up a quesadilla station. We can make this as detailed as you want with different types of cheese, chopped peppers, jalapenos, different proteins, a variety or tortillas, chips and dip. Adults and students have fun with this station. 

Patch: Do you decorate the buffet table?

Ziegenfuss: We have a fantastic visual designer. Brian Blasingame will customize any floral arrangements to add a pop of color to your table. He’ll make sure the flowers correlate with your child’s school colors.

Patch: What else should we know about Butler’s Pantry catering?

Ziegenfuss: It’s important to know that we set up everything and clean up everything! You don’t have to lift a finger. Graduation is a busy day. The last thing you want to think about is feeding hundreds of people and making sure you remember the forks. We’ll do it all for you. We’ll bring the food, utensils and clean it all up when we’re done.

For more information, or to book Butler’s Pantry for your upcoming graduation party, visit their website or call 314-664-7680.


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