Woods Mill Opens Between Parkway Central and St. Luke’s Hospital

MoDOT plans to open that portion of Woods Mill Road late Saturday afternoon. It is the final phase of construction affecting access to the Parkway Central campus.

The  plans to open Woods Mill Road between St. Luke’s Hospital and the Parkway Central Campus late Saturday afternoon.

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"Once Woods Mill reopens, students, parents and teachers will be able to use Ladue Road to get to the Parkway Central School campus," MoDOT stated in a news release Friday.

MoDOT Spokesperson Andrew Gates tells Patch after the opening of Woods Mill there this weekend, there are no further changes in that area to access at Parkway. Gates said there will no longer be direct access from the Parkway campus to Route 141. Drivers will only be able to access the Parkway campus by taking Olive Boulevard or Ladue Road to Woods Mill Road.

"You will have no access to from Parkway Central to Route 141. That was only temporary. That was a short term bybass for our ongoing constructuon," Gates explained. "Coming out of Parkway Central, you will now have to turn left or turn right to access Route 141."

"Traffic flow at Woods Mill Road, Ladue Road, Route 141, Olive Boulevard, and will be monitored by MoDOT engineers and traffic signals may be adjusted where necessary, according to MoDOT.

However, MoDOT also warns drivers to remain aware of on-going lane closures during off-peak hours because crews are still working in the area to complete the project.



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