Town and Country Approves 2013 Budget

Town and Country aldermen approved the city's 2013 fiscal year budget. It includes an interesting option for city employees in regard to their raises.

This week, the Town and Country Board of Aldermen passed the city's 2013 fiscal year budget. A public hearing was held on the proposed budget prior to the vote Monday night.

As previously reported by Patch, City Financial Director Betty Cotner presented the proposed fiscal year 2013 budget to aldermen prior to the Oct. 22 board of aldermen meeting. 

Cotner said the city's total budgeted expenditures is $16,518,590 and total revenues is $14,090,700 for FY 2013. Sales tax makes up the majority of city's revenue, with utility taxes second in line and licenses and permit costs coming in third. 

However, Cotner said there is a 5.62% percent decrease in general fund revenues from FY 2012's $9,858,650 to $9,304,680 in 2013. There is also a .97 percent increase in general fund expenditures from FY 2012's $9,201,491 to $9,290,660 for 2013. The general fund is the city's operating budget.  

The ending general fund balance is almost six times the city's required reserve level for 2013. The city requires the reserves to be 25 percent of budgeted expenditures.

For the fiscal year ending Dec. 31, 2012, the general fund reserve balance is estimated to increase by approximately $657,158. 

However, the proposed FY 2013 general fund balance will increase, leaving city with an approximate $14,020 surplus.  

There is a one percent salary increase for city employees also included in the FY 2013 proposal. However, employees are being given the option to take a two percent raise instead. Check back to Patch for more details on this proposal.

Total expenditures for the FY 2013 Budget are $16,518,590. That total breaks down as follows:

  •  $9,290,660 - General Fund 
  •  $3,396,460 - Road Fund
  •  $2,594,160 - Capital Improvements
  •  $1,173,810 - Parks and Stormwater Fund
  •  $63,500 - Safety and Training Fund

Cotner said in 2013 the city will spend approximtley $3.6 million for fire and ambulance services. That cost is up 1.4 percent from 2012, due to the West County EMS and Fire Protection District contract terms.   

There are some other highlights from the proposed budget.

  • $2,265,400 will be spent on the Clayton Road Project
  • $209,000 will go toward Longview Farm Park improvements 
  • $500,000 will be spent on stormwater projects
  • Proptery taxes remain at zero percent for 2013
  • Town and Country sales tax is budgeted to increase 2.23 percent 2013


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