Sunset Hills Church to Sell Former Mehlville Firehouse

Gateway House of prayer is no longer moving forward with a planned rectory to prevent the church from becoming a "source of contention" in the neighborhood,

Gateway House of Prayer Pastor Jeff Riddering and his wife, Tammy, have removed their request to convert a former Mehlville Fire District house into a rectory for clergy and other staff in training, according to a letter posted on the Sunset Hills city website.

The firehouse is located at 11625 Sappington Barracks Rd., just across from the church on Lindbergh Boulevard, and bordered by several residential homes. The proposal didn't sit well with neighbors, who approached the board about potential traffic issues, affects on residential property values, and concern over precisely who would be allowed to stay in the rectory. One resident even issued a letter on behalf of neighbors asking for aldermen to impose limitations on occupancy should they approve the project. 

The board delayed their vote in November, and the Ridderings postponed subsequent appearances.

In their letter to the city, the Ridderings said they were "sincerely grieved by all of the strife and misunderstanding that have transpired these last several months."

"We desire only what is best for Sunset Hills because it is, after all, our city too," they said.

Access the full letter on the Sunset Hills city website.


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Stephen D February 21, 2013 at 05:43 PM
I wonder exactly what use those "neighbors" will find acceptable? If a church rectory is too much for them (and I imagine they all profess being upright Christians), how can an old firehouse be used for anything without bothering these characters. What's an old firehouse zoned for? I suppose the thing could be torn down and turned into a pocket park -- send the bill to the "neighbors".


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