Solar Panels, Longview Parking Before Town and Country Aldermen Monday

Town and Country aldermen could vote on the city's new solar panel ordinance Monday night. Some resident's feel the currently proposed plan makes it to difficult for residents to go green easily.

A vote could come Monday night on a proposed solar panel ordinance for the City of Town and Country.

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As previously reported by Patch, the City of Town and Country is considering an ordinance that would put guidelines in place for residents who want to install solar energy systems.  

The planning and zoning commission worked closely with Town and Country Planning Director Sharon Rothmel, to develop the proposed ordinance to give residents some direction of what is permitted so they have guidelines to follow in the future. A public hearing was held on the issue at the last board of aldermen meeting on Sept. 24.

The proposed plan would allow resident's to install two types of solar panels, roof mounted and ground, but the city prefers the roof mounted. It also requires homeowners to obtain a conditional use permit to install the panels and that's where some residents and homeowners see a problem.

Aldermen will also discuss the next step in the Longview Farm parking expansion project. Monday night, they will discuss authorizing the city's Parks and Recreation Director to apply for a municipal park grant.

See agenda and supporting documents above for complete details. 

Check back to Town and Country - Manchester Patch Tuesday for any updates. 


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