Private Funding Sought to Preserve Town and Country Log Cabin

Alderman Skip Mange is now seeking private funding for the preservation of a log cabin found inside a home. Initially he had asked the city to allocate the $12,000 to disassemble the cabin.

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However, Monday night, Alderman Skip Mange said he will now seek private funding for the $12,000 to disassemble the cabin at 13348 Conway Road reportedly build in 1854.

Mange wants to see the city remove the logs, catalogue them and store them at the city's Drace Park. At the last board of aldermen meeting, Mange said it's a way to preserve the city's history, but some aldermen said they felt there are other priorities for city money.

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Monday, Mange said he changed the proposal for the preservation of the cabin to now be 100 percent funded by private money instead of city funds as previously proposed.

However, aldermen still had to vote on this issue Monday and authorized the city administrator to enter into a $10,740 contract with a company to disassemble and relocate the cabin as long as the money to do so is raised.

"The city administrator cannot sign that contract until we have raised the $12,000 in private donations," Mange explained.

Donations can me made directly to the city or the Town and Country Historical Society. 

Mange pointed out that if he cannot raise the money, then the cabin does not get preserved by the city.

"If it doesn't happen, the cabin ends up in a dump," Mange explained. "The owner of the property is very supportive of this. He wants to see this done."

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