Pitbull Breed Removed From Manchester Vicious Dog Ordinance

With a lawsuit filed against the city claiming the ordinance is unfair, the City of Manchester removed "pitbulll" from its vicious dog ordinance Monday night.

Manchester Aldermen voted unanimously Monday to remove the word "pitbull" from the city's animal control ordinance. 

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Emergency legislation was enacted so aldermen could discuss and vote on the issue in the same night. As previously reported by Patch, 

The City of Manchester's new ordinance means the city still has a "vicious dog" ordinance, but it is now based only on an animal's behavior and it no longer contains any breed specific verbiage.

Alderman Michael Clement, who sponsored the bill, tells Patch the new ordinance is the result of much research and is written to be consistent with St. Louis County's animal control ordinance that does not include any reference to any specific breed when classifying an animal as "vicious."

The new ordinance takes effect immediately.

"I believe it makes the lawsuit moot myself," Manchester City Attorney Patrick Gunn tells Patch in regards to the pending lawsuit. "Because there won't be the threat of being prosecuted simply for having a pitbull."

Gunn said the first court date for the lawsuit is Wednesday.

The City of Town and Country recently amended its vicious dog ordinance too after pitbull and breed issues arose. However, Town and Country removed its vicious dog ordinance and is now covered under St. Louis County's vicious dog ordinance that is only behavior specific, not breed specific.

See agenda and supporting documents in the PDF portion of this article for complete details.

Check back to Town and Country - Manchester Patch Tuesday for any updates.

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