Paving Underway on Clayton Road Trail and Resurfacing Project

Check out the latest update and upcoming work schedule on the Clayton Road Trail and Resurfacing Project. Plus, are you happy with the progress of the project? Post a comment below!

The dry weather over most of the last week allowed crews to make some progress on the Clayton Road Trail and Resurfacing Project, especially the paving of the trail. Town and Country Department of Public Works Director Craig Wilde also sent photos included in this article that show the recent progress.

Wilde released the following email update on the Clayton Road Trail Project. 

We have really made some progress on the trail surface in the past week.  Thanks to the rains holding off for a couple more days than anticipated, we managed to get all the rock base placed for the entire trail as well as get the surface pavement on the section from  to the East Entrance at

There remains one more day of paving for the trail itself.  It is our hope (based upon the current weather forecast) that site conditions will enable us to do this on Monday, April 9.  We will then turn our full attention to the backfill and grading operations. 

We are working on the schedule for the installation of the plant material for the project.  Since there is such an extensive amount, it will take numerous weeks to get this completed.  To see the landscape plan, check out this link

We are also working on the schedule for the resurfacing of Clayton Road itself. Our plans are to start with a roto-mill of the roadway edges which will provide us with the ability to match the existing driveway and side street grades.  We will then place a thin wedge / leveling course topped by a strengthening paving fabric and then a more substantial surface course.  It is anticipated that the roto-milling will begin the week of April 16th and then all of the other operations will occur in succession immediately after.   

Wilde previously stated that the goal is to have the "hard improvements" complete by the end of April with only finish grading, landscaping and minor peripheral work to remain. 

Residents can also check out the city's landscape plans on its website.  

The City of Town and Country has also created a Facebook page to update residents regularly on Clayton Road and trail construction.

The first phase includes resurfacing on Clayton Road beginning at Highway 141 and going to Oak Springs Lane. It also includes the construction of the Clayton Road Trail, a pedestrian walkway, from  to Oak Springs Lane.

In addition to daily Facebook updates, Wilde is sending out updates that Town and Country-Manchester Patch is posting for readers.

Check out the Clayton Road Project Facebook page.

For more information, go to the city's website page dedicated to the project.

Residents can also email Public Works Director Craig Wilde if they would like to receive email updates or have questions. Wilde can also be contacted by phone at 314-587-2824.

The first phase is expected to be complete with the installation of landscaping in the spring.

Check back to Town and Country-Manchester Patch for updates during construction.

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Claire Chosid April 05, 2012 at 09:07 PM
The City of Town & Country has a dedicated volunteer in resident Eric Strand. Eric joined Parks & Trails 10 years ago because he's one of those nutty people who runs every day. No matter what, no matter where. His positive attitude is contagious and he finally realized his dream of a trail system for Town & Country. He got his wish this week- he ran on a safe trail, early in the morning. Thanks to Craig Wilde, the Aldermen and Mayor, the folks who are building the trail, and guys like Eric. Wouldn't surprise me if he actually kissed the trail his first time out!
Gabrielle Biondo (Editor) April 08, 2012 at 04:33 PM
It's really cool to drive along Clayon Road and see all the progress too!


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