Obama - Romney Face Off in St. Louis 7-Eleven Coffee Cup Poll

Visit your nearest 7-Eleven to vote Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, but "neutral" is the biggest winner so far.

If the patrons of St. Louis area 7-Elevens decided the 2012 presidential election, so far Barack Obama would be the winner.

The 7-Eleven started selling large coffee in red cups (for Romney) on blue cups (for Obama) on Sept. 6. It's a national campaign for the chain.

The 7-Election2012 website has area, statewide and national results online.

Nationally, Obama is ahead 60 percent to 40 percent. He leads Missouri 62 to 38 percent.

Although there isn't a 7-Eleven in Town and Country or Manchester, cities in the St. Louis area with 7-Elevens are listed below, with the percentages of blue to red cups sold so far.

City Obama - blue cup Romney - red cup Affton 47 53 Des Peres 43 57 Florissant 59 41 Kirkwood 58 42 Lemay 53 47 Maryland Heights 62 38 St. Louis 68 32 St. Peters 42 58


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