Meet Your Candidates for the April 2012 Election

Filing closed Tuesday night for the April 3 election. Here is a list of the candidates running for office this spring in Town and Country and Manchester.

In Manchester, the office of mayor is up for re-election, in addition to one alderman in each of the city’s three wards. The following aldermen are up for reelction in April:

  • Ward 1: Hal Roth
  • Ward 2: Marilyn Ottenad
  • Ward 3: John Diehl

In Town and Country, each of the four wards has an alderman up for re-election. The following aldermen are up for reelection in April:

  • Ward 1: Nancy Avioli
  • Ward 2: Al Gerber
  • Ward 3: Steve Fons
  • Ward 4: Phil Behnen

Following are the candidates running for office in April.


Ward 1

Dorothy Cooke

Richard "Skip" Mange

Ward 2

Alderman Al Gerber - incumbent

Chuck Lenz

Ward 3

Steve Fons - incumbent

Gustine Crawford

Scott Carothers

Ward 4

Alderman Phil Behnen - incumbent


Ward 1

Hal Roth - incumbent

Barbara Stevens

Ward 2

Marilyn Ottenad - incumbent

Ward 3  

John Diehl - incumbent


David Willson - incumbent



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