Meet Manchester's New City Administrator

Alderman voted and approved the appointment of Andrew Hixson as Manchester's new city administrator and establish his salary Monday.

Andrew Hixson was officially appointed as the new city administrator.

Ed Blatter, who served as the Manchester city administrator and city engineer for seven-and-a-half years announced in December he could no longer hold both positions effectively and resigned as the city administrator. 

The appointment of Hixson was first announced at the last board of aldermen meeting. A vote to approve the appointment came Monday night. Hixson's annual salary is set at $95,000, plus a monthly car allowance of $300.

Hixson is coming from Crystal City where he served as city administrator.  He and his wife Dana met residents Monday night.

"He's fine young man with great credentials," Mayor David Willson said Monday night. Willson said Hixson's official start date is July 1.

Also Monday, a vote by aldermen approved Blattner to serve soley as the city engineer. 

Alderman Marilyn Ottenad thanked Blattner for his seven-and-a-half years of service as city administrator and city engineer. Blattner's salary is set at $92,000 annually.

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The city received it's audit report and received a "clean opinion" by Botz, Deal & Company, a firm which has preformed the city's audit in the past.

For more details on Monday's meeting see the above agenda and supporting documents included in the PDF portion of this article.


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