Manchester Tackles 2013 City Budget

The Manchester Board of Aldermen discussed the proposed 2013 budget Monday night.

David Tuberty, director of finance for the city of Manchester, gave a presentation on the proposed 2013 fiscal budget Monday to the Manchester Board of Aldermen.

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The city calculated that there would be projected revenue of all funds combined of $18 million with projected expenditures of $17.6 million for the overall budget.

Excess of revenue over expenditure is expected to be $426,859. The city's total fund balance is expected to be $16.5 million at the end of 2013.

The general fund, or the city's operating fund, is estimated at $9,223,000 in revenues. Expenditures are estimated at $8,972,964 which is a decrease of $229,182 from last year's budget. The largest expenditure in the general fund is staff related expenses, including salaries and benefits.

However, city staff is not receiving raises in 2013.

The general fund balance is estimated to be $2.3 million for FY 2013.

Sales tax revenue for the General Fund is estimated to be $4,660,000.

The city will spend $1,417,000 on trash hauling, it's greatest single expense, plus a projected $1.8 million on capitol projects, $1.4 million on park and stormwater projects and $224,000 on sewer repair.

The city will also pass on $4.5 million collected from TIF funds.

Aldermen could vote to approve the proposed 2013 budget at the next board of aldermen meeting on Dec. 3.

For additional details on the proposed FY 2013 budget, see the meeting agenda and supporting documents in the PDF portion of this article.


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