Manchester Needs an Extra $100K in 2012 For Legal Fees, New Administrator

The city is asking alderman to approve $50,000 for an ongoing lawsuit and an additional $51,520 for the salary and benefits of the new city administrator.

will likely adjust the 2012 and 2013 budgets due to unexpected fees this year. 

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The city wants to increase the 2012 general fund budget by $110,910 and reduce the beginning 2013 general fund budget by $110,910.

The item was brought before alderman at Tuesday night's board of aldermen meeting without much discussion. A vote could come at the next meeting in two weeks.

According to documents included in the agenda in this article, the money is needed in 2012 for "additional personnel, unexpected legal fees, additional meeting and travel costs and restoration of a special event that has been funded."

City of Manchester's Director of Finance Dave Tuberty tells Patch $50,000 is requested by the city for legal fees for a lawsuit filed against the city by former employees. clerk The case is still pending.

Tuberty also explained an additional $51,520 of the requested funds is It is to cover portions of Hixson's salary and benefits. His annual salary as Manchester's city administrator is set at $95,000, plus a monthly car allowance of $300. Hixson began his job as city administrator in July. He replaces Ed Blatter, who served as the Manchester city administrator and city engineer for seven-and-a-half years. Blattner still serves as the city engineer and since the new hire wasn't planed for this fiscal year, it wasn't budgeted in the 2012 fiscal year budget.

Tuberty also said a small amount of funds are needed for compensation of a police clerk currently employed by the city. The money is for wages for additional work.

Other funds are for to the Fifty-Year Luncheon where the city celebrates residents who have lived in the city for 50 years. The luncheon was canceled, but then brought back due to residents' requests. Even though the city received private donations to hold the luncheon this year, the funds still had to be documented in Tuesday's budget request.

In addition, the city also wants to increase the parks and stormwater fund by $12,000 for 2012 and then reduce it by that same amount for 2013, to pay for a tree maintenance project.


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