Budget, Solar Panels, New Maryville U Building Before Town and Country Aldermen Monday

Monday, Town and Country aldermen could vote on a solar panel ordinance, the city's 2013 budget and a new building at Maryville University. View full agenda here.

Town and Country aldermen are set to vote on and discuss a number of issues Monday night, including this preserving a log cabin found inside a home, a city solar panel ordinance, the 2013 budget and construction of a new building on the Maryville University campus. 

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Solar Panels

After being continued for a number of weeks, a vote could come Monday night on a proposed solar panel ordinance for the City of Town and Country. The proposal has been continued since early October. Alderman Fred Meyland-Smith tells Patch that the delay on the vote is because the city is trying to research the issue and plan as much as possible before putting any ordinance in place. As previously reported by Patch, the City of Town and Country is considering an ordinance that would put guidelines in place for residents who want to install solar energy systems.  The proposed plan would allow resident's to install two types of solar panels, roof mounted and ground, but the city prefers the roof mounted. 

City Budget

The Town and Country Board of Aldermen is examining the city's proposed 2013 fiscal year budget. A public hearing will be held on the proposed budget Monday night. As previously reported by Patch, City Financial Director Betty Cotner presented the proposed Fiscal Year 2013 budget to aldermen prior to the Oct. 22 board of aldermen meeting. Cotner said the city's total budgeted expenditures is $16,504,160 and total revenues is $14,090,700 for FY 2013. A vote could come at Monday's meeting.

New Maryville University Building

Aldermen could also vote on the final site development plan for a new building on the Maryville University Campus. As previously reported by Patch,  

Log Cabin Removal and Preservation

As previously reported by Patch, According to Alderman Skip Mange, the cabin at 13348 Conway Road was build in 1854. Mange wants to see the city to remove the logs, catalogue them and store them at the city's Drace Park. He said its a way to preserve the city's history, but some aldermen said they feel there are other priorities for city money.

See agenda and supporting documents in the PDF portion of this article for complete details. 

Check back to Town and Country - Manchester Patch this week for any updates. 

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