Lawsuit Fees, Home Improvement Loans Top Manchester Meeting Monday

The Manchester Board of Aldermen voted Monday to recoup legal fees from a former lawsuit, make low-interest loans available to homeowners and replace a local bridge.

The Manchester Board of Aldermen had a number of items on its agenda Monday night. It was the second meeting of the new board after changes from the April 5 election.

Following are highlights from Monday's meeting.

Recouping Lawsuit Fees

The board of aldermen unanimously voted to make the effort to recoup $2,400 in legal fees the city incurred due to a lawsuit filed by former Alderman Bob Tullock. The lawsuit was in connection to who would serve as the board president. City Attorney Patrick Gunn told board members that from the first August 2, 2010 invoice (for July 2010 services) until the lawsuit was dismissed by the court in March, legal fees outside of the retainer totaled $2,400. Ward 2 Alderman Michael Clement suggested pursuing a minimal effort to recoup the cost, such as an official letter requesting the fees be repaid. The board voted unanimously to have the city send a letter requesting repayment of legal fees for the Tullock v City of Manchester  lawsuit.  

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Low-Interest Energy Efficient Loans

The board voted unanimously to participate in St. Louis County's program offering low-interest loans to homeowners for energy efficient home improvements. The city had to pass the resolution in order for Manchester residents to be allowed to participate in plan. City Administrator Ed Blattner said residents will have to meet the eligibility guidelines to receive the loans. Based on a residents' economic situation the county will determine the amount a homeowner is eligible for and the interest rate. Homeowners will have to go through the application process and loan amounts range between $2,500 and $15,000. Blattner said there is no specific amount allotted to each city and the amount for each resident will be determined by the county.  

Lafayette Center Drive Bridge Replacement

Board members voted unanimously to accept a bid of $486,662.82 to remove and replace the Lafayette Center Drive bridge. City Administrator Ed Blattner said this is a federal and project, so the city is eligible to receive up to 80 percent reimbursement for the cost of the project. Blattner said the city initially allocated $504,000 for the project, so the actual bid came in under budget.

Trench Drain Reconstruction

The board voted unanimously to fix he trench drain at 402 Lynwood Forest Drive. Ward 2 Alderwoman Marilyn Ottenad brought up the issue stating she felt it's a safety concern with the possibility of a car getting stuck in the damaged drain. City Administrator Ed Blattner estimated it would cost $30,000 to $35,000 to reconstruct but agreed it should be done. Money was originally in this year's budget for the project, but that money is now going to repair the the Manchester Aquatic Center. The project was approved so Blattner will open it up for bids which he hopes to have back within 45 days to bring to the board.

Drug Task Force

Board members also voted unanimously to continue participation in St. Louis County's multijurisdictional drug task force.


For more details on Monday night's meeting, see the agenda and supporting documents included in the PDF portion of this article.


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