Deer Management Again Tops The Talk of Town and Country

Although the Town and Country Board of Aldermen agenda was a brief one Monday, the meeting began with residents once again speaking out about the city's consideration of bow hunting as one option for deer management.

Although Monday's agenda was brief, the Town and Country Board of Aldermen meeting began with residents speaking out about the city's consideration of bow hunting as one option for deer management. Residents shared statistics and stories as they expressed their opposition to the proposal.

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Aldermen Phil Behnen, Fred Meyland-Smith and Mayor Jon Dalton reminded residents that an official proposal has not been brought before the board of aldermen for consideration yet. Dalton said they do expect to see and discuss a plan, but right now the idea is in a preliminary investigation and the residents' comments are appreciated as information is collected.

Alderman Al Gerber gave a brief presentation on behalf of the city's conservation commission on the approach the commission is taking as it evaluates deer management, including the number of deer per square mile that is considered acceptable by conservation standards and residents and how to maintain target deer levels.

As far as the agenda, a number of items were approved Monday night.


The board voted to hold the city's annual Fire & Ice event June 25. The board authorized the city to enter an agreement for $7,600 with J & M Displays for the fireworks display and music.


The board authorized the city to enter an agreement at the cost of $119,999.10 (amended from the previous $199,999.10) with consultant firm Howard R. Green. The firm will conduct a cost benefit analysis on 15 stormwater projects to be implemented into the city's stormwater program,including two projects to be constructed in 2012. 

New City Maintenance Truck

The board also authorized a request from Town and Country Director of Public Works Craig Wilde for additional funding for a new Department of Public Works maintenance vehicle. Wilde plans to essentially trade in an older, deteriorating city truck and equipment for a new vehicle. The new equipment will cost $47,590 (amended from the previous amount of $56,340), and the trade-in value is estimated at $10,000.

New Business

The board also discussed amending the city's current liquor license ordinance. The city is considering restructuring the current ordinance.

According to the city attorney, several businesses do not fit into the current liquor license guidelines. In an effort to avoid shutting down businesses unnecessarily, an additional category will be established. It will allow businesses that do not meet the city's current 50 percent food requirement to still apply for a liquor license. A vote could be taken at the next board of aldermen meeting.

For more details on the above items, see the agenda and supporting documents included in the PDF portion of this article.


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