Clayton Road Trail, Westminster Sign Top Town and Country Board Meeting

The Town and Country Board of Aldermen voted on a school speed zone, Clayton Road Trail funding, a sign request and more Monday night.

The Town and Country Board of Aldermen voted on a number of issues Monday night including reducing the speed limit for the Mason Ridge school zone from 30 to 25 m.p.h in front of the school on Mason Road.

Board members also voted to approve the request for $27,000 in additional funds for the engineering study being done to construct phase one of the Clayton Road Trail. Town and Country Director of Public Works Craig Wilde said the funding is for changes not anticipated in the original plan that came about due to resident input on the project. Phase one begins near  school and runs just east of Interstate 270 at Clayton Road. 

The board also passed a measure authorizing the city to accept the federal highway grant funds needed to begin phase three of the Clayton Road Trail project. Phase three is a pedestrian walkway along Clayton Road over Route 141. Now that the board voted to accept the $200,000 in grant money, Wilde said the next step is selecting an engineering firm to design phase three of the project. According to a cost estimate developed as part of the grant application, the total cost of phase three is $250,000 of which the remaining $50,000 will come from the city's road fund budget.

Board members also voted Monday night to change the city's weapons laws to match state statute regarding firearms and weapons violations. 

As part of new business, Westminster Academy requested a variance from the city's sign code at its new Town and Country location that is currently under construction. The school is requesting a permit to build a sign that's larger than city code at the northeast edge of its campus where the school intersects with Maryville Center Drive.

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 One resident addressed the board in opposition to the request saying that granting the sign variance request is not setting a good precedent for future businesses coming to Town and Country.

Aldermen Phil Behnen and Fred Meyland-Smith told the resident that sign variance requests are common and often approved. Meyland-Smith said they were granted to Christian Brothers College High School, Maryville University, the Marriott West Hotel and Scottrade.

The board did unanimously approve the request for the sign variance.



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