2011's Most Impactful Story?

A number of major events took place in Town and Country and Manchester in 2011. As we head into 2012, "Patch" wants to know which one impacted Patch readers the most. Take the story poll in this article.

A number of major events took place in Town and Country and Manchester in 2011. As we head into 2012, Patch wants to know which one impacted Patch readers the most. 

Take a look at the year in review and fill out the poll at the bottom of the article. Just click on the story links to read the complete story. If you have a story that you feel had the most impact on you, we'd like to hear about it. Please post your thoughts in the comment box below.


An appeals . The Westboro Baptists Church and ACLU sued Manchester over a city ordinance restricting protests or pickets at funerals. The church regularly pickets funerals of dead American soldiers, claiming the death of soldiers is a punishment for America's tolerance of gay rights. In October, a three-judge panel ruled in favor of the Westboro Baptist Church and the ACLU, arguing Manchester’s ordinance violated the church’s first amendment rights. However, in November, the City of Manchester, filed a petition for rehearing “en banc," asking for the entire Eighth District Court of Appeals bench of judges to hear the case rather than the usual panel of three judges. The court granted Manchester’s request, and a hearing is set for Jan. 9.

The Town and Country Board of Aldermen passed . It came after months of protest by some residents. The city's plan costs approximately $165,000 over two years and uses sharpshooting by White Buffalo as the only means of reducing the deer population. Sharpshooting began in late December.

The Town and Country Board of Aldermen The email was sent to fellow alderman, Fred Meyland-Smith. It referred to the city's deer management issue and stated that Meyland-Smith "should be shot." Karney denied sending the email and said another resident sent it from his computer.

The brought new alderman to both Manchester and Town and Country, a new St. Louis County Assessor and kept three Parkway School Board members on the school board.

Former Cardinals player, and father of four  students, . It was announced in November that Matheny would replace longtime manager Tony La Russa. 

Former student, Alexander Harvey Springsteen, 17, was . Springsteen was struck in February while crossing the state highway with friends. He was hit by a tow truck. The driver of that truck did not face charges in the incident, but

in . The amphitheater was built in memory of late 2002  graduate Corey Donnelly who was killed in an automobile accident in April 2003. The amphitheater was


Cast your vote in the poll below and Town and Country - Manchester Patch will post the poll results on New Year's Day.


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