Theft Tops Manchester's Recent Crimes

Police report thefts from stores, restaurants and cars, plus a confusing situation at a gas station and unruly pedestrian in this most recent issue of Manchester police blotter.

The following information was supplied by the . It does not indicate a conviction where an arrest was made.

June 14: 200 block Highlands Boulevard Drive

Stealing:Two people were spotted at the  trying to conceal merchandise. According to police, they left the store without paying for the items. Both were arrested and booked for stealing the items valued at $177.22.

June 14: 300 block Autumn Creek Drive

Stolen Vehicle: A resident told police his motorcycle was stolen sometime during the day while he was gone at work. The bike was reportedly covered and parked in a space at the resident's apartment complex. Police are still investigating. 

June 15: 100 block Big Bend Station Road

Ordinance violation:A resident was notified that he was in violation of city code because he had a recreational vehicle parked in the neighborhood. He said he would move it.

June 15: 800 block Marfair Park Court

Vandalism: A woman told police the driver's side door of her car was "keyed” overnight. There are no suspects and police are investigating. 

June 15: 14100 block Manchester Road

Peace Disturbance: An employee at a local business called police due to a possibly intoxicated pedestrian who was yelling and harassing customers. Authorities located the pedestrian who was detained and then taken to the police station for "his own safety."  Police said that due to his behavior once in custody, the man was ticked for peace disturbance and held overnight until he "sobered up." 

June 16: 900 block Pheasant Woods Drive

Stealing From Auto: A woman said someone broke into her locked car overnight which was parked in her driveway. She reports a laptop, GPS, and her purse containing her driver license, social security card, cash and several gift cards were stolen. Police are investigating. 

June 17: 14100 block Manchester Road

Stealing: Someone left a restaurant without paying for their meal valued at $16.86 Investigators' attempts to locate the alleged diner based on license plate information were unsuccessful.  

June 17: 14100 block Manchester Road

Alleged Stealing: Police said a gas station employee claimed a driver did not pay for gas, however the accused was able to provide and electronic bank receipt of his payment. The store employee still insisted the driver did not pay for the fuel, so police said to pacify the employee, the driver made a second payment with his debit card and planned to cancel the first payment with his bank.

Anyone with information on these reports or any crimes is asked to contact the  at 636-527-9200.

*Please contact Local Editor Gabrielle Biondo with any questions regarding the above reports.

Melissa June 26, 2012 at 10:01 PM
Who leaves their purse, laptop, etc. in their car parked overnight on their own driveway or anywhere?


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