Parkway Practices 'Lockdown' Drills Similar to Ohio Shooting School

Parkway officials "shocked" by Monday's high school shooting that reportedly left two students dead.

Officials in a Cleveland, OH suburb said student safety "lockdown" drills saved lives and possible injuries in a deadly shooting spree by a high school teen, early Monday.

Two students are now reported dead from the shooting, while three others were wounded at Chardon, OH high school. The suspected student shooter, a boy, is in police custody.

officials tell Patch students at Parkway drill for safety/emergency "lockdown" situations.

"Like everyone else, we're in shock and heartbroken for those involved (in Ohio)," said Paul Tandy, a Parkway district spokeman and director of communications. "It's such a tragedy."

Lockdown, Lockdown, Lockdown

The Parkway lockdown system includes students and staff gathering swiftly in rooms and locking doors, turning out lights and computer monitors, closing windows, shades and blinds, and staying out of sight—essentially hiding quietly until pre-arranged codes alert all-clear. Students practice numerous scenarios.

According to CNN News, in the Ohio shooting the school principal said over the intercom system: Go into lockdown! This meant the teacher locked the room door and students huddled next to a wall that couldn't be seen from the door window, CNN News said.

CNN said the student shooter stood up in the cafeteria during an early-morning gathering there, and started firing a handgun. A teacher—who is also a football coach—chased the shooter out of the school.

Students were texting each other on cell phones while in "lockdown," some unclear on whether it was a drill or real emergency, CBS News reported.

An Ohio school student speaking on CNN said the intensity of the principal's voice led him and others with him to believe the "lockdown" was not a drill.

The same student praised the football coach who chased the shooter, saying he was "the kind of guy, teacher, who would take a bullet for us."

Both CNN and CBS News identified the suspected shooter as TJ Lane, a student at the school. 

After a deadly Colorado high school massacre nearly 13 years ago, referred to as "Columbine" after the school's name, many school districts, including Parkway, now require lockdown drills.


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