'Family of Gypsies' Charged with West County iPhones Theft

Police said felony stealing charges were issued on all five subjects that were arrested by Town and Country police this week.

A group who described themselves to police as a family of "gypsies" has been charged with felony stealing following the theft Tuesday of about 30 iPhones from a Ballwin phone dealership, police said.

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James Konstantinov, 48; Biserka Dobobrov, 48; Zvinko Konstantinov, 29; Michael Dobobrov, 27; and Zvanko Dobobrov, 18 all face felony stealing stealing charges and were being held at the St. Louis County Jail on Wednesday. Each is being held on $75,000 bond, police said.

Police said located at 15575 Manchester Road posing as customers, police said. Two of the customers distracting store employees while the third entered the business's back area, filled a garbage bag with the iPhones then ran out of the store, police said. The two other subjects reportedly were waiting in a van, which then took off with all five subjects and the phones.

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The subjects were arrested about 20 minutes later by the , police said.

A representative for the AT&T phone dealership where the phones reportedly were taken said each of the iPhone 4S cell phones had a retail value of up to $649.

Sgt. Jim Heldmann of the said possible connections between the suspects and other recent crimes still are being investigated.

"We’re still looking into those previous incidents," Heldmann said. "There might also be some other (related) incident in Kansas City area, but those are unconfirmed."


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