Drug Lab Blamed For Manchester Home Explosion

Crews on the scene tell Patch a meth lab is to blame for a Manchester home explosion Thursday night.

A drug lab is believed to be the cause of an explosion and fire in the basement of a home at 1105 Holgate Drive Thursday night.

Fire crews and got the call of a house fire at 9:05 p.m. Thursday.

"The fire was contained to the basement," said Fire Marshal Terry DeGuentz. "It was a very small fire on a work bench to the basement."

"It was also reported that two men had been seen running form the residence moments after the fire was discovered," said Manchester police Sergeant Craig Smith. He said Manchester police located the individuals involved in the incident and determined the fire was related to a "drug violation."

DeGuentz confirms reports by residents that the fire was caused by a meth lab.

"It's been cordoned off as a crime scene," DeGuentz tells Town and County - Manchester Patch. "When we arrived on the scene, Manchester police had obtained enough evidence and information on the scene. The occupant had fessed up to what had happened. They knew it was a drug lab and we proceeded very cautiously after that."

Smith tells Patch Hazmat was called in, "The St. Louis County Drug Task Force responded to address the potential need for a hazardous scene clean-up."

The homeowner and one occupant of the home were injured in the fire, but both refused to be taken to the hospital, according to DeGuentz.

Manchester and St. Louis County police were on scene working to secure evidence.

"There were several people who were detained by the police and they are being questioned," DeGuentz said. 

"Charges are pending on three individuals," Smith said early Friday morning.

The house was condemned Thursday night just before midnight.

Fire crews from Valley Park and Metro West also responded to the blaze.

Carrie F. March 30, 2012 at 05:14 PM
The problem is that Jefferson County and Franklin county are well known for the cooking of Meth. The cooks are now buying houses in good, quiet areas because most of the neighbors are working during the day and are not around to see the activity. It is up to the neighbors to be diligent in alerting the police if anything is amiss or smells funny, for any reason. The neighbors knew there were kids in that house. You can always place an anonymous DFS hotline call if you suspect neglect for any reason and they are obligated to check out the situation. They are professionals at finding the real reason behind such reports and will involve the police when necessary.
Chris whitcomb April 01, 2012 at 08:09 AM
This house u all refer to is one of my oldest friends I have known this family for over 20 years you all talk like you know something cuz they had a untidy lawn with crap always in it Untill you know what u are talking about don't ta talk about it. I know for a fact that this Meth lab witch was probably just a shake an bake gone wrong did not happen often if ever before my friend didn't even know what was going on it was a few of his newest friends I think it is stupid to condemn this house there is nothing there that could hurt anyone I should know I was an addict for 4 yeas did many real labs an I know the people that live in the lab homes now an there is nothing wrong with health
Linda April 26, 2012 at 10:16 PM
Sandy, anytime you or your - my neighbors - want to help me clean up this mess, I would welcome the assistance. It is not just a matter of being "too busy" it has to do with aging and not being able to keep up with everything. So let me know whenever you want to help me with the house, cause no one else does.
Linda April 26, 2012 at 10:22 PM
Carrie, thanks for the information. Just to show you how misleading unresearched information can be ---- there are not kids in that house. No children live there, and my neighbors knew that - too bad you don't know what you are talking about... next time know what you are talking about before letting your fingers run wild.
Linda April 26, 2012 at 10:23 PM
Chris, thanks for your support and good words. I really appreciate the truth coming through from someone besides me. Thanks.


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