Woods Mill Road Closing After New Route 141 Opens

A portion of Woods Mill Road will close after the new Route 141 opens to West County traffic this Saturday.

The  will close a section of Woods Mill Road after the new stretch of Route 141 opens to traffic this Saturday.

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"The section, between the Parkway Central School campus and Ladue Road, as well as the currently closed section of Woods Mill Road between Ladue and St. Luke’s will remain closed until crews finish building the new connection with Ladue Road," MoDOT stated in a news release.

Some of that portion that will be closed in currently within the jurisdiction of Town and Country. The city's portion of Route 141 begins just south of Clayton Road and runs north through the Conway Road intersection. Route 141 then falls under Chesterfield's jurisdiction from just north of Conway Road and past St. Lukes Hospital. Route 141 then becomes Town and Country again just south of Ladue Road and remains Town and Country up to .

MoDOT stated that Woods Mill Road is expected to reopen before school starts in mid-August, however, there will not be a direction connection between Ladue and Woods Mill roads until construction is compete.

During the closure, MoDOT is advising drivers to take the new Route 141 north to Olive Boulevard, make a left on Olive Boulevard and then a left on Woods Mill Road.

Local traffic only will be able to access homes along the closed section of Woods Mill Road during that construction, according to MoDOT.

Meanwhile, the cities of that would make simplify the the cities' jurisdictions after the new highway opens. That land swap has not yet been approved.




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