Parkway Holds Solar Panel Dedication Tuesday

The Parkway School District is holding a solar panel dedication Tuesday at Pierremont Elementary School in Manchester.

The Parkway School District provided the following details of the dedication ceremony in a news release.  

WHO: The Parkway School DistrictBrightergy and hundreds of elementary students wearing orange sunglasses.

WHAT: The dedication of Parkway's 825-kilowatt solar-energy system, installed as 25-kilowatt systems across 33 buildings throughout the district.  Parkway is the first to adopt solar energy across the district, making the district-wide system the largest rooftop solar project in the state.

WHEN: Tuesday, February 19 at 10:00 a.m.

WHERE: Pierremont Elementary (gymnasium), 1215 Dauphine Lane, Manchester, MO 63011, School number (314) 415-6600

WHY: Parkway Schools' future is so bright, they've gotta wear shades!  Students will don bright orange sunglasses as they celebrate along with parents, teachers and dignitaries the completion of the 33 building solar-energy installations district-wide. Run of events to include a student demonstration of solar monitoring system and a solar-infused art contest.

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