West County Residents Win Missouri Lottery Prizes

Check out this list of local lottery winners from the month of August.

The Missouri Lottery issued its list of winners for the month of August. More than $4.1 million in prizes worth $1,000 or more were given away in August, according to the Lottery release.

Although no one from Town and Country got lucky enough to win prizes, Manchester and Ballwin residents made the list this month.


  • Patsy Meade, Pick 4: $22,500
  • Eileen Presson, Club Keno: $1,252
  • Amanda Burnett, $1,000 Scratchers
  • Linda Chamberlin, $1,000 Scratchers
  • James Herman, $1,000 Scratchers
  • Frank Hodgdon, $1,000 Scratchers
  • Javier Vazquez, $1,000 Scratchers


  • David Lewis, $1,000 Scratchers
  • Michael Roman, $1,000 Scratchers
  • Jeremy Schmitz, $1,000 Scratchers


  • Will Derris, Pick 4: $3,500; Pick 3: $2,500; $1,000 Scratchers
  • Steven Mizell, Pick 3: $2,500
  • Arthur Oliver, $1,000 Scratchers


  • Lacy Kelly, $20,000 Scratchers
  • Kevin Liese, Club Keno: $1,244


  • David Betz, $1,000 Scratchers
  • Janar Chalamacharla, $1,000 Scratchers
  • Mark Deering, $1,000 Scratchers
  • Michael King, $1,000 Scratchers

Webster Groves

  • Marilee Christensen, $1,000 Scratchers
  • Brian Jones, $1,000 Scratchers
Bonnie Krueger September 17, 2012 at 09:54 PM
Maybe this is public knowledge once they claim their prize, but doesn't think pose a threat to them to open them up to being robbed? It seems like their first name and last initial should be the only thing disclosed.


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