Town and Country Man Awarded For Thwarting Burglary

Gregg Meyer receives the Community Service Award for his quick thinking that police say stopped a burglary in progress.

Gregg Meyer received the Community Service Award for being an alert Town and Country resident whose quick thinking stopped a burglary in progress, according to police.

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Meyer was recognized Tuesday night by Town and County Police Chief John Copeland for his actions during the early morning hours of March 24. 

According to investigtors, Meyer noticed two males acting suspiciously near their vehicle parked on the street near Meyer's home. Concerned about the safety of his neighbors, Meyer called the police.

Police said when the arrived on the scene, the two fled. Investigators said they were unsuccessfully attempting to load a large-screen television into a parked car. Authorities said the two had burglarized a nearby house and stolen the television, along with other items, while the victims slept. Both were identified and taken into custody.

"The alert action of Mr. Meyer brought a quick closure to a crime that could have alarmed an entire community," the police department said in a written statement.


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