Route 141 Is Work Zone; July 14 Opens for Pedestrians

Take a quick look at the state of the giant re-routing and Woods Mill Road.

Temporary signs and orange cones show you how to proceed through a jumble of roads and ramps, while drivers await the official opening July 14 of Route 141 just north of Highway 40/64 at Woods Mill Road.

The intends to open the roads for car traffic by noon July 14. First, there's an early-morning celebration Saturday on the new interchange, flyover, underpass—whatever description you prefer.

The ribbon-cutting events will allow pedestrians, runners and bicyclists on the roads exclusively from 7-11am. 

A  after what sounds like a Blue Collar Comedy Tour quip begins at 7:30am: "Route 141 Run to Get it Done 10K."

After that, it's vehicles-only terrain. MoDOT is in charge of the project.

The 2-year project turned a typically traffic-jammed, two-lane wooded road through a gully that flooded in a downpour, into a modern-era system of overpass, underpass, one-way raised ramps and signage, taking traffic between Highway 40/64 and Olive Boulevard with turnoffs to Ladue Road, and everything in-between.

Earlier statements about the project indicated the roadwork did not address the flooding on Woods Mill Road near Ladue Road, since the Route 141 extension seems to bypass that stretch of Woods Mill.

Giant sound walls have been erected alongside the roads in the largely residential areas, which sit beside on Woods Mill Road.

Also, in order to clarify the borders of the three towns when it comes to street snow plowing, sweeping, repair, police jurisdiction, and the like.

At one time, a sign indicated work on the project was paid for with "Stimulus" funding from the federal government.

What do you think about the giant interchange along Woods Mill Road?


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