Kehrs Mill Road Closing to One Lane Over Nights Next Week

Night paving construction will close parts of Kehrs Mill from Clayton to Holloway during nights next week.

Kehrs Mill Road will be closed down to one lane from Clayton Road to Holloway Road during evenings next week.

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The paving work is scheduled for Oct. 15-17 from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. each night. Inclement weather could postpone the work, but updates will be posted to theCity of Ballwin website as well as electronic message boards near the construction.

Ballwin City Administrator Bob Kuntz said the move to night work over three nights is comparable to what could be done during day hours over two to three weeks.

"It's a tough road to do during the week," Kuntz said, referring to school buses as well as other daytime traffic as major factors to the decision to do night work.

Mark Reizer, supervisor for the project from Krupp Construction, said the biggest issue is public safety.

"You will hear noise, you will get phone calls," Reizer said addressing the Ballwin Board of Aldermen at the meeting Oct. 8. "But it's a lot safer than during the day with so much traffic with cars and construction equipment."

The Ballwin press release told motorists to expect the following conditions:

  • Kehrs Mill Road will not be accessible from intersecting through-streets (Sunset/Crestland, Skyline, Steamboat, Sudbury, and Pleasant Grove) 
  • Motorists will only be allowed to access Kehrs Mill Road via Holloway Road or Clayton Road. 
  • Flagging persons will be controlling traffic to continue two-way operation.
  • The work will begin at Clayton Road and progress southeastwardly to Holloway Road, then proceed the other direction after that lane is completed.


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