Hayat: Hijabs Pose No Security Threat

Ghazala Hayat writes in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that head scarves play a sacred role for Muslims, who should not be subjected to unneeded security procedures.

Following an incident where a Muslim woman from West County was forced to remove her head scarf at the St. Louis County jail, columnist and  Ghazala Hayat writes that .

The Ballwin woman in January near the because of a warrant related to an unregistered vehicle. Once at the jail, the woman reportedly was forced to remove her head scarf, also called a hijab, from the St. Louis chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. County representatives , and both parties were confident certain security procedures could be altered to avoid conflict with religious preferences, though the details of those changes have not been reported.

In a column recently published in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Hayat said many non-Muslims misunderstand the principles behind hijabs, which oftentimes are misconstrued by westerners as a sign of oppression:

Subjugation of women, mistreatment verbally and physically is a predicament for the whole human race, no matter what the faith or ethnic origin is. Denying a Muslim woman education or working outside the home is not dictated by Islam but a cultural practice albeit wrong one. This should not automatically label the dress of those women or their interaction with the society as being “oppressed”.

To read the complete column, click here.

Dilaw Tabeohs April 30, 2012 at 02:49 PM
PUL LEEZE !!!! I just heard a former PLO terrorist talk about Muslims like you. You are lying & you & I know who "The Father of All Lies" is. In the Garden of Eden he spoke to Eve. Ghazala Hayat INSULTS the intelligence of Americans. The Council on American-Islamic Relations TERRORIZES law enforcement officers with all sorts of threats INCLUDING lawsuits. The Islamic Foundation Public Relations Committee is terrorizing law enforcement officials. ALL EVIL PEOPLE, ALL BANDITS, ALL CRIMINALS wear different coverings OVER Their faces TO PREVENT RECOGNITION. EVIL MUSLIM Men have DRESSED as women with the covering over their faces AND WERE AIDED by Muslim women IN ESCAPING law enforcement officers. PUL LEEZE, do not insult the intelligence of Americans. If you are a "peaceful" religion, you would be PROUD to show your faces so we know who you are. Show your face if your intentions are pure. Show your face so you can thereby say you are proud to be a Muslim and you want all the world to know it.


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