Happy Festivus, Holiday for the Rest of Us

If you celebrate Festivus, the non-religious winter holiday made famous by Seinfeld, send us your pole pictures, your grievances, and anything else from your celebration.

The customs of Festivus, the non-secular holiday celebrated nationally on Dec. 23, may seem a bit foreign to those used to tinsel, candles and holiday cheer.

Festivus stated as the pet project of Dan O'Keefe, a writer who was sick of the over-commercialization of holidays in the U.S. His son, Daniel, a writer for the television show Seinfeld, made the holiday popular by casting George Kostanza as its inventor. (Check out Festivus clips fromSeinfeld in the YouTube video above.)

Rather than elaborately decorate a Christmas tree, Festivus celebrators raise a simple silver pole.

At dinner, they celebrate the "airing of grievances," telling others how they've been disappointing over the last year. Matt Sebek, a St. Louis resident and sports writer, has been airing his grievances on his twitter account today.

Sebek aimed one his grievances at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport: "You are the first (& last) thing people see when they visit St. Louis. Right now, that's a marketing nightmare."

After airing grievances, the head of the household wrestles someone at the table in the annual Feats of Strength. The holiday only ends when someone can pin the house head.

Click the green "Upload Photos and Videos" button to submit images of your pole, your Festivus dinner, your strength feats and more. We want to see them!


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