Don't Pitch That Left-over Pine Roping!

Do you still have some live pine roping left after decorating the house? Don't pitch it, I have a few ways that you can put it to good use!

You did it.  The house is finally decorated, inside and out.  The live Frasier fir is up, ornaments and lights twinkle, bringing a smile to family and friends alike. 

You went all out this year and bought a roll of pine roping to climb up the pillars of the house.   But, you didn’t use it all.  It’s sitting in the corner of the garage, looking downright pitiful and dropping its needles.  You hate to just pitch it, but what can you do with just a few yards of pine roping? 

The answer is: A LOT!  Grab your pruners, a paddle of wire and whatever left-overs you have from decorating the house.

PINE ROPING USE #1- Wrap your mailbox. Begin by wrapping the end of your pine roping around the mailbox.  Using your wire, tie the cut end to the roping that circles the mailbox. Try to hide the area where you join them on the underside of the mailbox. Wrap the remainder around the post of your mailbox, tying the tail end of the roping to the bottom of the post.  This will probably use about 2 yards of roping.  Add ribbons and plastic, shatterproof ornaments, if you have them.  A nicely decorated mailbox just makes me smile when I pull into the driveway.

PINE ROPING USE #2- Wrap a topiary form.  I have a large, green planter in the front yard, by my sidewalk.  In the summer I grow a Mandevilla vine up a wire support that is in the shape of a pyramid.  Normally, it sits naked until the next spring.  Not this year!  I used about 3 yards of roping, tying the end to the top of the support.  I slowly wound the roping around the form, in a clockwise pattern, pulling tight as I worked my way to the bottom of the wire form.  Lastly, I tied the end of the roping to the wire support.  Luckily, I had a few yards of ribbon left that matched my mailbox and front door decorations.  I even found a dozen red, plastic ornaments that I bunched together as decoration.  I am pretty pleased with the way it turned out.  I think it looks like a Christmas tree.

PINE ROPING USE #3- Decorate your hanging baskets!  I have 2 nice wire hanging baskets.   Obviously, whatever was growing in the fall was dead.  I cut about a yard for each basket and wound it around the outer edge of the basket.  The other dozen plastic ornaments that I found in the basement were wired together and placed in the center of the basket.  I think it resembles a large bird nest with red and green eggs!

PINE ROPING USE #4- Decorating around the front door of your house.  Most of you that purchase pine roping are buying it for this specific reason.  It’s festive, easy to do and gives a lot of bang for your buck.  Adding ornaments, feathered red Cardinals, twinkling lights and ribbon sets the holiday mood.

PINE ROPING USE #5- Line your window boxes.  If you have window boxes, you know how bare they can look once the first frost hits.  Why not place a yard of roping around the edge of each box?  It took 5 minutes, tops, to adorn my 4 window boxes.  I leave the roping up until mid-January; it just looks so good! 

PINE ROPING USE #6- Give your garden statue a shawl.  My concrete statue looks dressed for the season with a yard or two of pine roping.  It keeps the winter chill away!

PINE ROPING USE #7- Use roping to top-dress tender plants.  When the holidays are over, don’t recycle that roping until March!  Lay it at the base of roses and any tender shrubs that are subject to strong winter winds.  I have a Camellia that appreciates the extra layer of protection. I push the limit of our zone 6 area with the added protection of the roping. My Camellia thanks me with lovely pink blooms in April.

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LJDPearls December 19, 2011 at 02:02 PM
Great ideas Claire! I love using the hanging basket as a nest.


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