Trade in iPads, iPods & iPhones at Target

The Target in Town and Country Crossing is participating in the trade-in offer that gives customers a store credit for their used electronics.

If you have an iPad, iPhone or iPad that you are ready to get rid of, take it to Target and the store will give you a gift card in return for the device.

The store is participating in the trade-in offer. 

Town and Country store staff tells Patch that customers can trade-in online or in-stores. However, customers must work with a member of the Target Mobile staff if making the trade-in at the store, so check your local store for their hours. 

According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, Target is offering the deal at more than 1,450 retail locations through a partnership with NextWorth. The offer runs through Feb. 11.

The Post-Dispatch reports the following trade-in amounts:

  • iPad - $350
  • iPhone - $200
  • iPod Touch - $175
  • iPod Nano - $50

Click here for more information on the offer.

Although this special promotion with Target Mobile ends Feb. 11, Target staff said customers can bring in small electronics, including Nintendo DS, video games, and cameras, year-round for a credit.

Debbie Mizerany February 07, 2012 at 07:28 PM
Gabrielle... Though this is good news, it is slightly misleading. I just checked online and also spoke to a rep at a Target Mobile location. The buy back amounts will vary. The amounts listed in your article are the HIGH end of the range and only apply to recent versions of the item. For example, I have a iPhone 3G. The buy back on that version is only $50-$60! The $200 amount mentioned in your article is only for a "iPhone 4". So, for anyone thinking of trading in one of the Apple products on this list, make sure you check it out online or with the store to get the true value of your item. Still nice to know that my 3G is worth something, but certainly had my hopes dashed when it was not $200.
Gabrielle Biondo (Editor) February 08, 2012 at 06:49 AM
Thanks for the update Debbie! We always welcome reader feedback and comments.. in fact, Patch encourages them so I am very happy to see your post:) Yes, you do have to check with the Target Mobile employees, but the prices listed were from another source as cited in the article so thank you very much for the clarification. We certainly want to have the most accurate information.


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