Seasonal Jobs Abound as Holiday Season Approaches

Many St. Louis-area big box retail stores are hiring seasonal workers to help handle the holiday shopping season.

Thousands of jobs are on the way to St. Louis as big-box retail stores such as Walmart and Target are set to hire seasonal employees in anticipation of the holiday shopping rush.

According to a St. Louis Business Journal report, Walmart plans on hiring more than 50,000 seasonal employees, although it's not sure how many of those jobs will be for the store's 20 St. Louis-area locations, including the Manchester Highlands store.

Walmart's not the only store hiring. Many of the Christmas season's go-to stores are also looking for seasonal help.

The Business Journal reports that Target is set to hire between 80,000 to 90,000 workers across the country, while Kohl's plans to hire 52,000 workers.

And Macy's, which has three locations in the St. Louis-area, plans to add 1,700 jobs to the market. Nationwide, Macy's is looking to hire 80,000 seasonal jobs.

Other area chains looking for season help, according to the Business Journal, include:


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