Meet Nordstrom Rack's $2,000, 90-Second Shopping Spree Winner

Julia Oliver won the drawing 15 minutes before the store opened in Manchester Thursday morning.

Julia Oliver, of St. Louis, is one fast woman!

She won the drawing for  in

Store staff and reporters had a hard time keeping up with Oliver as she flew through the store gathering merchandise. She even changed shoes prior to the spree so she could run.

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Oliver tells Town and Country - Manchester Patch that she couldn't sleep all night last night.

"You know how when you think something's going to happen," Oliver explained.

Oliver's name was drawn from hundreds of entries for the shopping spree Thursday morning.

"This is unbelievable," she tells Patch.

Store staff gave Oliver a countdown, and off she took! She headed straight for the shoes, made her way through clothing and ended at the other side of the store in handbags.

Nordstrom Rack staff tells Patch she definitely gathered more than $2,000 so she will select which items she wants to keep, up to $2,000(check out photos of her cart in the photo section of this article).

Oliver was said she was exhausted after the 90-second sprint and even rested on her cart of merchandise to catch her breath when it was finished.

"I started to run outside to get some fresh air," Olive said.

Check out for more details on Thursday's grand opening.


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