Great Escape: Take Time for Guilty Pleasures

Queue up your favorite soap opera on the the digital video recorder, grab some sinful sweets and veg out for a late-night escape.

As one stereotype goes, a mom is a bonbon-eating woman watching afternoon soap operas while her children are napping or off at school. Any mom—stay-at-home or working—will say that motherhood rarely equates with daily leisure. Crowded calendars will make any mother long for a box of Godiva chocolates and an hour of General Hospital. This week, embrace the stereotype for a sweet escape of self-indulgent down time. Key up the digital video recorder to your favorite guilty pleasure such as Jersey Shore and plop onto the couch with a box of chocolates, or doughnuts, or ice cream. Here are a few local sweet shops that specialize in indulgence:

: The cure for a frozen, sweet craving. For a crash-in-front-of-the-television nightcap, take home a pint of chocolate, vanilla or the flavor of the day. An extra special offering of Eugene’s is the Tartufo—a truffle with a secret inside. 1138 Town & Country Crossing Dr., Town & Country.

: Nothing goes better with bad television than a great cupcake, and Whipt Cream bakes the best in St. Louis. Craving something unique? Opt for the Irish Cream Latte—chocolate Irish cake with coffee-infused buttercream icing. 143 Chesterfield Towne Center, Chesterfield.

: Known for its seasonal sweet offerings like the Bionic Apple and chocolate-covered strawberries, Merb’s also is the home to many more sinful sweets. For a signature taste of Merb’s, try the chocolate caramels or the Heavenly Hash. 15303 Manchester Rd., Ballwin. 


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