Fundraiser For Muslim Funeral Home Friday at West County Mosque

A fundraiser to build a "first of its kind" Muslim funeral home will be held Friday evening at the Daar-ul-Islam mosque in West County, the Post-Dispatch reports.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the event in West County will raise money for what will be Missouri's first Muslim funeral home.

The need for a muslim funeral home became apparent to the idea's originator, Adil Imdad, when his cousin died and the family dealt with the "absence of Muslim ritual following her death," according to the Post's report.

Currently, Muslims in Missouri are buried in sections of Christian cemeteries and they are typically guided through the burial process by non-Muslims, the Post reported.

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The report also states that there are many differences in the Muslim burial process and what is normally followed by a typical funeral home, some of which create issues with public health laws.

"...and there can be logistical problems with timing, for instance, if a cemetery is not prepared to open a grave at 6 p.m. on the day of death," the Post report stated.

No word on the location of the planned funeral home or cemetery, but a fundraiser is reportedly being held Friday night at  located at 517 Weidman Road, which is near the intersection of Weidman and Manchester roads. For more information, contact the mosque at 636-394-7878.


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