Ellisville Best Buy Closing, Shoppers Sent to Manchester

When shoppers arrived at the Ellisville Best Buy Saturday, they were told the store was closed and referred to other nearby stores. The store is open for business Sunday as it prepares to shut down for good.

As previously reported by Town and Country - Manchester Patch, Best Buy is . 

This weekend, Best Buy announced on its website that the Ellisville store off Manchester Road is one of the stores closing.

The store was closed on Saturday and would-be customers were referred to nearby Best Buys stores, including and the . 

As reported by KMOV, as customers showed up to shop Saturday, they were turned away and given a flier that directed them to the nearby locations. 

Best Buy's website states customers "currently doing business" with the closing stores are being contacted. 

The  will be open again on Sunday and offer a 20 percent off sale on merchandise. 

On its website, Best Buy said it will work to help the employees who are losing their jobs find other positions inside Best Buy. The company also stated severance packages will be available. 

Most of the stores will permanently close by May 12. 

Three additional locations are expected to close later this summer, according to Best Buy. 

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Lee Presser April 16, 2012 at 12:35 PM
Found no useful bargains on Sunday. Wanted to buy Hard drives and power strips. They were full price.


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