Charter Executive Offices Leaving St. Louis for Connecticut

Charter Communications is relocating its corporate headquarters from Town and Country to Connecticut. Less than 100 jobs are leaving the St. Louis area, according to Charter.

Charter Communications is relocating its headquarters from Town and Country, located just off Interstate 270, to Connecticut.

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Charter Spokesperson Anita Lamont tells Patch that the move involves Charter's executive team which consists of nine executives and their support.

"There are less than 100 people who would be going from St. Louis to Connecticut. It's the executive team and the people who report to them, their support staff, and they're not all going at the same time," Lamont said. 

She said the executive offices have been in the St. Louis area near Interstate 270 and Manchester Road since 1993. Lamont said there is not a set date for the move, but the Stamford, CT offices are expected to be ready for the relocating executives in the coming weeks. Other employees will follow in coming months. In addition to those moving from St. Louis, new employees will also be hired for the Connecticut location, where a total of approximately 200 people will work.

Town and Country Mayor Jon Dalton tells Patch the City of Town and Country has known about the upcoming move and been updated on developments regarding the relocation.

"We've known for a little while, but we didn't receive any special information," Dalton tells Patch. "They were just keeping us posted regarding where they saw the plans evolving."

Dalton said it's important for people in the St. Louis area to understand it is not the entire corporate headquarters relocating. He also said his understanding is that the move is in connection to Charter's new CEO being from the New York or surrounding area.

"While no one likes to experience any job loss in the community, we believe that a lot of the current operations will remain in Town and Country and the new presence in the Connecticut and New York City area is associated with the new CEO's top executive team and not a complete departure by the current operations that are in Town and Country," Dalton explained.

Lamont said that is one reason for the relocation. She said there are also a number of other factors that played into the decision to head to the Northeast.

"That's a good reason, but he's said that the decision to move was also based on...it's pretty close to Washington D.C. where our regulatory lives are and we spend quite a bit time there. As far as transportation hubs, it's also a good place for us to be," Lamont said. She also said the relocation moves Charter, the fourth largest cable operator, closer to other cable operators. "It's also a hub for the cable industry."

Employees who cannot or do not want to make the move are being offered other jobs within Charter or they can stay on and do outplacement, Lamont said, but also pointed out that much of that is still being worked out.

"I don't think it's really cut and dry, where you have to be out by a certain time, because that's not how it's working," Lamont said.

Dalton said that despite the move, he expects to see opportunities for expansion and development by Charter in the St. Louis area.

"We're not privy to their planning and business decisions, but from the few indications I've received, it seems like the current operations will remain here and there are opportunities to solidify and expand their base in the Midwest," Dalton tells Patch.

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Lamont said that Dalton is correct and 300 new jobs will be added throughout the greater St. Louis area in coming months. She said the jobs will be in numerous departments, including IT, auditing, customer care and in the phone center. 

"Many of them will be Charter Business, which is our commercial arm," Lamont said. She said Charter Business handles small, mid-size and large business operations.

Dalton said the city hopes Charter continues to grow in the area and it takes great pride in having the company as part of the Town and Country community.

"The City is very interested in continuing its extremely good relationship with that organization and doing whatever it can to support it's presence here and it's expansion."


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