The Scoop on Pet Scooting

Town and Country Veterinarian Stacey Wallach answers your pet questions.

Question: I always see the commercial with the dog scooting his behind on the ground. My dog does the same thing. What does that mean?

-Debbie, Town & Country

Answer:  Your pet "scooting" or dragging their hind end across the carpet, furniture, grass or concrete may be indicative of several things. More often than not it is because their anal glands are bothering them. The anal glands are two small sacs on either side of the anus that produce a foul smelling secretion. This secretion acts as a territorial marker and is the reason that dog's are so interested in smelling feces. Anal glands are present in both male and female dogs and cats and they normally empty when the animal defecates. Most often the scooting problem is due to the anal glands being impacted or there is infection and inflammation in the anal gland. It may also be a sign of a perianal tumor, recent diarrhea or an intestinal parasite infection. Contact your veterinarian about diagnostic and treatment options for this condition.


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